Every idea that shaped in my head immediately died to give birth to something that I did not foresee. It taught me to trust the moment and my own ability to step it on the tail instead of trying to construct it upfront. The designs are very much the results of this process as they have the same weightlessness. Somehow I hope to transfer this feeling of weightlessness to a woman the moment she will wear my designs. My method of designing is quite clean as everything is digitally created before it becomes materialised by a flatbed knit machine or cut by a laser machine. This way of working structures the process and gives the result an industrial and graphic appeal. This time with the femininity of fine lace like knits in dynamic loose shapes. The colour ranges from butter colour to black through Yves Klein blue, a mediterranean green with shades of nude. If you want, you can see the expression of the life span of a butterfly, temporary and intense.Now only the butterflies need to land, to find their place amongst the public.

Photography: Peter Stigter . Catwalk design: . Set styling: Lyse Martel . Concept, creative direction: Conny Groenewegen . Make-up: House of Orange . Hair: View Agency . Music: Montelarue . Light: Jurlights . Choreography: Karin Post . Production manager: Annie Steengracht . Supported by: Press Only, Westergasfabriek, AIFW, ID Laser, Textiel Museum Tilburg, Fonds BKVB, Materiaalfonds, Silent Disco.