ELECTRIC CO – RE-couture by Conny Groenewegen

In the ELECTRIC CO designs, a plastic monofilament creates a rigid knitted structure that can support softer, woollen
yarns. The constructed 3D element accentuates the upper body’s muscle contours and RE-codes the
archetypal shapes of sweaters and bomber jackets to accommodate ELECTRIC CO’s vibrant dynamics.

In 2015, Conny Groenewegen began the Fashion Machine project (FaMa). The resulting installation is a commentary on
the fast fashion industry’s global scale and production mechanisms. It focuses on designing a set of repetitive actions
that mimic the monotonous work in the fragmented production line of a notoriously problematic product of the
fast-fashion industry: the polyester fleece sweater.


Conny Groenewegen’s area of expertise is knitting. She mostly creates material using rows of interlocking loops from one
continuous thread. In addition, her work is an invitation to look in a different way to recognizable archetypal forms with the
aim to redefine them. The results are snapshots and temporary proposals, because new insights emerge that lead to a
next prototype.