Archetypical garments such as sweaters and bomber jackets have been ‘recoded’ to fit within the vibrant dynamic of
ELECTRIC CO. The fabrics are knitted with discarded plastic monofilaments, up-cycled from the textile industry.

The looped plastic monofilament rhythmically creates rigidity, which allows the support and direction to softer yarns made
of virgin wool and opulent fake fur.

The knitted monofilament becomes a constructive 3D element that graphically accentuates the outlines of the upper
body’s muscular character. By adhering to the anatomy and turning it inside out to create an exoskeleton, the shapes
have both a futuristic and archaic appearance.

video: Cinematography and edit: Hessel Waalewijn | creative director: Ralph Vaessen | music: Tamara van der Laarse
photography: Hessel Waalewijn | creative director: Ralph Vaessen | graphics: Manon Bachelier