NL: gebreid kledingstuk voor het bovenlichaam
ENG: knitted piece of clothing for the upper body (jumper)

EN : ‘voor’, the Dutch word for ‘in front of’ also means ‘belonging to’ or ‘used in connection with’.
kle•ding.stuk• / kleding / kleren, the Dutch words for clothes/clothing, are de-fined as: objects, particularly of textile, worn/carried on the body.

Collaboration with Femke de Vries for Dictionary Dressings.
“An ongoin research project that uses the nature of the dictionary definition as ‘zero condition’ for a piece of clothing to decode clothes and explore an alternative fashion vocabularity.”

Hand knitted wool jumper in Sirogojno, Serbia. With thanks to KC Grad, Belgrade . Exhibition and book launch at Onomatopee Eindhoven duringDutch Design Week 2016 . Publication designed by: Hans Gremmen and Corine van der Wal . Photography: Sanne van den Elzen